A Vision of future music interface for Native Instruments

Innovation workshop with students about the future of music interface

This workshop took place at ISD design school in Valenciennes during 3 days.
The goal of this workshop was to explore and experiment the future of music interface.
After a brainstorming all together, the group was divided into 9 sub-group developing 9 innovative and experimental concepts.
At the end of the workshop, each team has to present his concept and simulate it in front of the audience.

Creative direction: Rémi Bigot
Design team: Felix CAUDRON, Florian DENYS, Aymeric GHORIS, Gilles VILLEFAYOT,Julie POULAIN, Philippe DE LA COUSSAYE, Marc-Antoine AUBERT, Clément BOENS, Mathilde ADRIAENSSENS, Maxime LAPOUILLE, Robin LOIR
Eugénie PFEIL, Quentin NUTTEN, Augustin REQUILLART, Maxence DERRUMAUX,, Willy CARTEAU, Charles DE PRINS, Stéphane LASSEYE, Guilaume NOWICKI, Anais VERMEERSCH, Anne-Sophie MATAGNE, Gwénaelle KOTECKI, Sébastien CADOT, Mathias HOFFMANN, Nicolas PERRIER, Alrdic TROUABAL, Guillaume SAILLY, Maxime DEBUSE, Pierre-Marie CRONIER, Christophe BARDE, Thomas DEFOSSEZ
Maxence DERREUMEAUX, Emmanuelle vigo, Jeremy ESPARZA