Fearless and intuitive automated experience

Bosch’s vision for a highly automated car and its unique driving experience. The concept vehicle shows how the interaction between an automated vehicle and its driver could work.

Automated drive is coming soon and will impact the way we travel in a car . This project explore how the technology will impact car interiors and the way we will interact with the system through the steering wheel in a simple and safe way.
The 3 concepts developed in close collaboration with Bosch UX and UI department introduces 3 design and interaction concept to safely and easily activate and inactivate the function as well as visualized the status of the journey and provide user information feedback.

The Bosch vision for a “highly automated” car —shown in the video under—balances between manual and automated driving. So, you start up the car and then pick between different routes to your destination. You, the human driver, back out of your parking spot and hit the road. Then when you get to the highway or another part of the road that can be driven automatically, you use a two button interface on the steering wheel to let the car know you’re relinquishing controls.