The crealab is a creativity and innovation workshop which brings together during 3 days students from the design school ISD and the animation school Supinfocom both located in Valenciennes.
The goal of this workshop was to envision the future of robotic and how it could be apply to company like Apple, Sony and Lego.

Students team:
Perrenot Jules, Taisne Clément, Fernandez Aurelin, Flandrin Mélanie, Gosset Valentin, Naline Pierre antoine, Beauduffe Héloise, Belhout Isaas, Bernard Jean-Charles, Coudron Marie, Coudronn Marie, Presse Maxime.

The IDrone is a concept of smart personal robot which could replace in a soon future the smart-phones. The project introduces a tangible vision of what could apple do in response to the Google glasses.
The drone behave like a discreet personal satellite flowing and assisting its user all day long thanks to the different functions and possible applications(video, projection, phone call, guiding, gaming …)

Legobot is a robot that collects, tidy and stores the Lego briks in the room.
The design of the robot is iconic and looks like a big briks of Lego with an emotional face and a big mouse treadmill which swallow the bricks. When the robot is full of bricks, an small helicoptered module take off and bring back the Legos back into their storage box.

Butterfly is a concept of robot for home. It can be used both for surveillance but also for entertaining.
During the surveillance mode, the butterfly are discreetly positioned at home and film what ever happen during you are not there.
With the entertainment mode, the robots can react to music and create light effects and choreography according to the beat.