Augmented sport experience for players, coaches and spectators.

Diplik is a Berlin-based start-up that specializes in developing new and immersive augmented sports experiences. Their flagship application, Track Sport, utilizes advanced trackers to monitor the players’ and ball’s positions on the field, providing real-time or delayed information to highlight and analyze the events of a game and measure performance.

1 • Project Definition
The first step of this project was to define the scope of the project using the 5 W questions’ model in order to define the objectives, context, user and main features of the application. Several user flow diagrams were defined for each main functionality and then combined to form an overall user flow diagram.
2 • Ideation (IOS vs Android)
For this project, the ideation phase consisted in creating two series of low and mid-fidelity wireframes, each series devoted to a mobile platform (IOS and Android) using the Material 3 design kit for Android and the IOS 16 UI kit, SF symbols and typography for IOS.
3 & 4 • High Fidelity Wireframes & Usability Testing
In the next iteration, high fidelity wireframes were developed for each of the two platforms. A rapid prototype was built and a usability test was conducted with a panel of 5 participants. The user interface was then adjusted based on user feedback until the final design and prototype.
5 • Refinement & Mock-ups
In the refinement phase, the design was further improved and tested. Colors, icons and typography were refined to the final design. The result is an innovative, modern and user-friendly sports application featuring a refined style guide, several mock-ups and a final prototype.
With the track sport app, users can assign trackers to the participants and the sports field to follow in real time what is happening during a team sport match and access the statistics of each team and player.
These three mock-ups allow to visualize how the product will be used in its context. The product can be used either by participants or coaches who want to follow the players’ movements and performances during a game, or by spectators who want to live an augmented and more immersive sports experience.