Universal Webcam

Hercules is a French company that develops and manufactures interactive entertainment equipment and accessories.

The goal of ths project was to design a web-cam that could be adapted to all types of screens, of various thicknesses, with a new fixing system in order to avoid the thousands of patents already in existence.
We imagined a completely new fixing system, far from the unsightly systems such as pliers, screws, legs and other multiple feet to draw a simple, unique object.
The body is made of soft silicone and encloses a metal blade that allows it to take all positions. The web-cam can be installed on a screen of course, but also on a table, on a shelf, stuck between two books, etc..
The head of the web-cam is a simple extension of the body, giving it a shape that is obvious and iconic


Design team:
Rémi Bigot
Francois Xavier Loucheur
Benoit Patouraux