Smarter financial prediction and saving experience for all.

Aside helps users monitor finances and save effectively by setting goals, tracking income and expenses, managing debts and generating a predictive balance that’s more accurate than bank balances. Users can the easily allocate a portion of the predictive balance for monthly savings and gain more control over their finances.

1 • Brand Guideline
Being a new company and a new brand, the first step in this project was to create a consistent brand, starting with the creation of a brand direction document that reflects the vision and key messages the company wants to communicate.
2 • Project Definition
The MVP requirements and goals were defined based on user stories defined from client design briefing.
A user flow diagram was then created to map the main features and user flow.
3 •Ideation & testing
The ideation phase began with low-fidelity sketches and wireframes focused on the user story of entering income and expenses into the system. A rapid prototype was created and a user test was conducted with 3 participants.
4 • Design Refinement
During the refinement phase, a set of high fidelity wire-frames was built based on the results of the usability research conducted in previous phase with the low fidelity wire-frames prototype.
5 • Refinement and Prototyping
During the refinement phase, the design was refined and tested for mobile and desktop until the final version. The result is an innovative, modern and user-friendly financial tracking application with several mock-ups and a final prototype.
Users can easily enter their income, expenses, debts, and amounts owed to them to better track their predictive and actual financial situation as well as set savings goals accordingly.
This final interactive prototype demonstrates the product’s key features and user flows. The prototype was used for further user research and helped communicate the desired look and feel to the development team.