Exploring the future of Augmented Sport Experiences

In 2023, I had the privilege of leading a design thinking workshop at the Rubika design school of Valenciennes. Collaborating with a group of twelve bachelor students, we embarked on exploring potential future concepts of interactivity within the sport industry for Diplik, a Berlin-based start-up specializing in hardware and software innovations for augmented sport experiences.

Day 1 • Brainstorming & Desk Research
The workshop kicked off with an introduction to the design brief, followed by a productive brainstorming session to gather initial hypotheses. During the latter part of the day, the students conducted extensive desk research, delving into technology, sports psychology, e-sports, and benchmarking analysis. By the end of the day, we formed four teams, each with a refined focus on a specific aspect of the brief.
Day 2 • User Research & Immersion
The second day of the workshop was dedicated to user research. Each group conducted surveys, user interviews, and immersed themselves in the sporting context. Building upon this research, persona boards were generated, and valuable insights were collected.
3 • Design and Testing
The design was refined and thoroughly tested in this phase. We fine-tuned colors, icons, and typography to align with the brand guidelines. The Chris Onboarding feature enables easy device pairing, personalization settings, tutorials, updates, and support.
Day 4 • Prototyping
During the fourth day, the students refined the selected ideas and began preparing prototypes for the final presentation and testing. The goal was to have rapid prototypes and demo videos that showcased the concepts and enabled user testing by the end of the workshop.
5 • Design guideline and specifications
To ensure seamless design-to-development translation and streamline workflow, we created comprehensive design guidelines encompassing all UI assets and rules