The parents’ initiative Horizon e.V. is opening a new Franco-German Kita (day-care centre) in Berlin.
The project aims to create a cheerful interior design which inspires the children’s creativity and senses through visual and material experience.

This minimal and colourful design concept focusses on playfulness, functionality and graphical experience. The design plays with the volume of the space by dividing it in different colored blocks, creating a graphical environment reminding of a puzzle game.
A modular and functional honeycomb carpet composed of hexagonal forms allows to divide the space by creating different games areas.
The design integrates room to play, to hide, to climb and optimizes storage with integrated furniture elements made out of wood in combination with recycled plastic vegetable baskets.
The action room offers a climbing and sliding polygonal module creating the illusion of a hill popping out from the floor.
A platform made of wood and soft elastic mesh, accessible by climbing, is built-in the action room, creating storage space as well as an intriguing visual element for outside viewers from the street.