Innovative video game concept range. Diploma work.
Even if Games and software have developed a lot the last few years, it was not the case a few years ago, and before the Nintendo Wii , game pads and joysticks were still very traditional.
Game lab is a range of innovative design ideas in 2004 which illustrate what could be the near future of video game accessories for the Packard Bell Brand:
-N-gone is a multifunction keyboard to share for playing video games with friends. It is a multifunction and friendly device ideal for different scenarios and video games experiences. It can be used as a traditional keyboard and it can be shared in 4 pads or 8 mini pads. 
The keys are made of digital touch screens that display different icons according to the configuration.
- Big pad is a large carpet – joystick. It is a multi-user interface which enables to play together, games that are usually designed for single users.