Smart Aftermarket Digital Co-Driver for Every Car

Chris is the first digital assistant designed exclusively for drivers. This IoT device seamlessly integrates into any vehicle, acting as a co-driver to enable safe access to favorite apps while driving. With its intuitive design, glanceable UI, and multimodal interface, Chris meets the demanding requirements of an aftermarket smart assistant. It combines user-friendly functionality with a timeless design integration.

1 • UX Research & Exploration
To define the project scope and design requirements, extensive UX research was conducted. This involved market analysis, interviews with experts and users, and exploration through provocative concepts and prototypes. These were tested with a diverse panel of users and stakeholders for valuable feedback
2 • Project definition
Drawing from the initial UX research, we defined the project scope and requirements. Utilizing mood boards and user stories, we established a strong foundation for seamless progression into the creative phase.
3 •Ideation and testing
In the ideation phase, we generated 10 design concepts and swiftly developed rapid prototypes. These prototypes underwent thorough testing and evaluation, considering various criteria from potential users and stakeholders. Based on the feedback received, a final design direction was chosen for further iterations and refinement.
4 • Design refinement & detailing
The selected design direction was refined in collaboration with the engineering team. This involved creating a CAD model, refining proportions, surfaces, and details, and selecting a final CMF concept. Iterative prototyping and testing led to the approval of the desired final appearance by stakeholders.
5 • Design Development
Design Development & Finalization In the development phase, we optimized the construction and CAD model in collaboration with the mechanical and hardware engineering team until Design for Manufacturing (DFM) was approved. Meticulous detailing and rigorous testing ensured high-quality standards.
Prototyping & Testing
In the development phase, multiple prototypes were created and tested alongside the mechanical, audio, and hardware engineering team. After finalizing the design and construction, the first production batch was launched. The design was prepared for delivery, including documentation and prototypes.