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Oxylane bicycle art of the move competition – Second price

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Bicycle Art of the Move is an art competition launched in 2009 and open to young talented artists from all over the world.
The challenge? To imagine a monumental and emblematic work on an evocative theme – Art as a bridge between Mankind and the bicycle.

Infinity won the 2nd place out of 99 participants from 17 countries
Infinity is one of the 3 designs concepts presented together with Alix Petit and Francois Xavier Loucheur for the Art of the move competition organized by Oxylane.
The sculpture is a study of the fragility of the tracks left by moving bicycle and symbolizes the infinite and renewable energy Man produces when practicing a sport. These values are contrasted with the non-renewable energy consumed by surrounding cars.
“Depending on the angle, Infinity represents the symbol of infinity or a strand of DNA as a symbol of life and diversity. From the motorway, the form reveals different facets depending on the angle. The sculpture plays on perspective and the movement of the driver in his vehicle giving an impression of movement to the artwork.
The sculpture, made of a rigid structure covered with canvas, floats thanks to helium- filled pockets. It is moored to the ground by metal cables which, seen from the sky, represent the spokes of a symbolic wheel.